Word: Perdue’s state capital gains tax veto irks GOP

‘Republicans I talked to in the legislature are angry and demoralized’

Gov. Sonny Perdue last week irked many fellow Republicans when he vetoed a bill that would have slashed the state capital gains tax. Critics warned the bill would have cost the cash-strapped state between $340 million and $1 billion in lost revenues.

“I’m scratching my head…If I were the governor, I would have said, ‘Where is that? Let me get my pen.’”

— House Rules Chairman Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs, in the May 11 AJC

“Cutting capital gains taxes would have encouraged more investment into the state. It is a sad day when this type of legislation gets vetoed by a Republican governor.”

— State Insurance Commissioner and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine in a May 11 press release

“If Governor Perdue vetoes it, I hope legislators will consider overturning his veto. The JOBS Act could do a lot of good for Georgia.”

— David Raynor of the Georgia chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business

“Republicans I talked to in the legislature are angry and demoralized.”

— Pro-growth, anti-tax Wall Street Journal columnist Stephen Moore, writing about Perdue’s veto