Word: 'Murder Kroger'

A mysterious topic that has puzzled Atlantans for at least a decade is now explained!

Last week on Fresh Loaf, we delved into a mysterious topic that has puzzled Atlantans for at least a decade: The etymology of "Murder Kroger." What is the backstory on the nickname for the depressingly downscale grocery on Ponce de Leon Avenue? After some pontificating , our commenters appear to have figured it out.

"I’ve always preferred the alliteration of 'Killer Kroger' over the somewhat sloppy sounding 'Murder Kroger.'”

— "O"

“'Crack Kroger' is the preferred nomenclature of those in the neighborhood."

— "DOC"

"I go to this Kroger all the time. I always called it the 'Ghetto Kroger.'”

— "Chris"

"there’s already a 'ghetto kroger,' it’s the one further down moreland."

— "sassyassy"

"i’ve always called the ponce location 'murder kroger' because someone was stabbed to death in the parking lot. sadly, i can’t find any verifiable source to confirm this."

— "thedionysian"

"Cynthia Prioleau, 25, left the crime and the cold weather of her native Jersey City, N.J., nearly four years ago for the gentler climate and the slower, seemingly friendlier pace of Atlanta. But she died in the parking lot of a Ponce de Leon Avenue supermarket Monday evening, shot to death by an irate motorist she had sprayed with a can of Mace."

— From a 1991 AJC story posted by commenter "The Answer"