Curt Holman's 50 favorite plays of the decade

I’ve loosely arranged this list of my most fondly remembered theatrical experiences by year rather than alphabetically or order of preference. Trying to cull a list from the best-lists of previous years reflects some unconscious prejudices (like new plays over canonical works), so the fine work of Georgia Shakespeare, among other companies, may be underrepresented. For consistency’s sake, I refer to theaters by their current name: “Synchronicity Theatre” vs. “Synchronicity Performance Group,” for instance. Feel free to take issue.

Wit, Alliance Theatre Hertz Stage, 2000

Wrestling Macbeth, Center for Puppetry Arts, 2000

Action Movie: The Play, Dad’s Garage Theatre, 2000

A Hole in the Dark, Horizon Theatre, 2000

Richard II, Georgia Shakespeare, 2000

The Illusion, Actor’s Express, 2000

Below the Belt, Alliance Theatre Hertz Stage, 2001

Fully Committed, Theatre in the Square Alley Stage, 2001

Hambone, Horizon Theatre, 2001

Julius Caesar, Georgia Shakespeare, 2001

One Flea Spare, Synchronicity Performance Group, 2001

Spinning Into Butter, Alliance Theatre Mainstage, 2001