Film Clips: Tonight's movie openings and more March 12 2010

Seems like you always see guys with girls out of their league. Ground breaking would be seeing it the other way around.


GREEN ZONE Lucky timing delivers Green Zone to theaters the same week The Hurt Locker won six Academy Awards. Both of the high-testosterone, heavy-ordnance thrillers find thrills in the Iraq War, so they serve as bookends, even though they maintain diametrically opposite tones. Where Hurt Locker lights a slow fuse, Green Zone’s jittery, propulsive narrative goes off more like a string of firecrackers. Director Paul Greengrass applies the same choppy editing and shakycam techniques of his Bourne movies to the search for WMDs in the immediate aftermath of the 1993 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

OUR FAMILY WEDDING 2 stars (PG-13) African-American radio personality Brad Boyd (Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker) and Mexican-American car-towing magnate Miguel Ramirez (comedian Carlos Mencia) noisily bicker when Brad’s son Marcus (Lance Gross) and Miguel’s daughter Lucia (“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera) announce plans for a quickie wedding. The nuptials soon become bigger than the young couple wants. — Holman

REMEMBER ME (PG-13) Twilight hearththrob Robert Pattinson stars in a non-vampiric romantic drama about two lovers who try to sustain their relationship amid family tragedies. The cast includes Emilie de Ravin of “Lost” as well as Chris Cooper, Martha Plimpton, Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan (who’s in everything these days).