Film Clips: This weekend's movie openings and more September 24 2010

Storylines with laughter and drama from New York to France, the Soviet Union and Australia


  • Photo Credit: Rogue
  • Online dater Nev Schulman in reality thriller "Catfish"

BRAN NUE DAE (PG) Geoffrey Rush stars in this off-beat Australian musical set in 1969 about an aboriginal teenager who runs away from an oppressive boarding school and makes a 2,500-km trek home. And it’s a musical!

CATFISH 4 stars (PG-13) New York photographer Nev Schulman becomes involved in the lives of a family he meets through Facebook, but all is not what it seems in this documentary recorded by Henry Joost and Nev’s brother Ariel Schulman. Avoid spoilers for this engrossing portrayal of relationships and deception during the Internet age, which plays like an ingenious mystery story (if not the Blair Witch-style thriller the trailers misleadingly suggest). High schoolers should be required to watch Catfish as a cautionary tale of the risks of on-line social networking. — Holman

FAREWELL (NR) This French thriller based on real events depicts KGB colonel who feeds intelligence to the French government to undermine the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Fred Ward plays Ronald Reagan.

HEARTBREAKER (NR) Pascal Chaumeil directs this French romantic comedy about professional breaker-upper Alex Lippi (Romain Duris) who hires out to sabotage relationships. But when a disapproving father hires Lippi to scuttle his daughter’s engagement, will Lippi fall in love with his mark?