Film Clips: This weekend's movie openings and more November 19 2010

The time has come: Harry Potter reclaims theatres, but has he reclaimed the love of fans?


  • Photo Credit: Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Daniel Radcliffe in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1."

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1 4 stars (PG-13) When fascist sorcerer Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) takes control of “the Wizarding World,” Harry, Ron and Hermione become fugitives to find the key to defeating their adversary. The strained magical slapstick of the initial films here provides welcome relief to the dark, despairing tone of the penultimate chapter, which alternates between Gothic horror and totalitarian resistance tale. The plot features a comical overabundance of magical doodads and the chapter-break ending leaves you eager for next summer’s final chapter. — Holman

THE NEXT THREE DAYS (R) Russell Crowe plays a college professor whose wife (Elizabeth Banks) gets convicted for a crime she didn’t commit, so Crowe resolves to bust her out of jail. From Paul Haggis, director of the Oscar-winning Crash.

127 HOURS 3 stars (R) Weekend canyoneer Aron Ralston (James Franco) gets his arm caught in an isolated crevice and, after days pass, considers the traditional escape of coyotes in traps. Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle relishes the challenge of making Aron’s predicament stylistically interesting, and Franco applies his casual charisma to what amounts to a one-man show. The film doesn’t really tap many deep themes, but builds to a genuine feeling of emotional release while keeping the gore to a minimum. — Holman

WASTE LAND (NR) This documentary examines the work of artist Vik Muniz, who draws inspiration from the world’s largest landfill outside Rio de Janeiro.