The Blotter May 18 2007

STUPID-CROOK-OF-THE-MONTH AWARD: At City Hall East, an officer saw a man wheeling a Home Depot shopping cart filled with stuff. "He was coming down a ramp that leads to secured parking for police vehicles," the officer noted. The man's shopping cart contained two police radios that belong in squad cars, copper wiring used to wire police cars and an air hose. The officer asked: "Why are you here and where did you get this stuff?" The man said he'd gotten the items from a Dumpster. The officer wrote, "The items came from the fenced area that is behind the city shop. There is no large dumpster there. The police radios and wire had been taken out of police cars that were being worked on." The man, age 54, was arrested. His shopping cart was returned to the Home Depot across the street from City Hall East. (The Blotter Diva must note, an alleged crook who goes to police headquarters to steal police equipment from a police car ... that belongs in the Blotter Hall of Fame.)

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