The Blotter: Talk about rich kids June 02 2007

A fifth-grader was handing out large amounts of cash to other students at an elementary school on Northside Drive, according to school officials. More than $250 was passed out, the social worker said. When school officials asked the fifth-grader about it, he voluntarily handed over the rest of the money: a whopping $19,124. School officials called a police detective and the fifth-grader's mom to the school. The detective asked the mother whether her son should have money in excess of $100 on his person. No, she said. The detective asked whether she had large sums of money in her home. No, she said. The detective pointed out that more than $19,000 was found on her son. "[The mother] then recanted her earlier affirmations and said that she had around $19,500 stored in her dresser (her retirement fund), but that she did not mention it, as she did not think that her son would go into her drawer and take the money," according to a police report. She refused to let police search her home. So police put the $19,124 in five manila envelopes, and put the envelopes about three feet apart on the floor. Then, they let police dogs do their thing. One dog gave a positive sign for "narcotics odor" on an envelope. Police put a hold on the money for narcotics and asset forfeiture. The investigation continues.

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Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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