The Blotter March 05 2009

The latest batch of bizarre crimes

[image-1]KEEP UP WITH YOUR PANTS, MAN: An officer got a call about a stolen credit card at an apartment on Westmoreland Circle. A woman said a 27-year-old male friend had come by her apartment that morning and stayed for about two hours. She said he got upset because he was missing some money and his ATM card. While the officer and woman were talking, the friend showed up. He said he had arrived earlier at the woman's apartment around 10 a.m. "He stated that he had taken his pants off in the living room," the officer wrote. "He stated that he went into [the woman's] bedroom. He stated when he went back into the living room to get his pants, he saw the locks on the door turning. He stated that he then looked in his pants and discovered his ATM card and $1,900 cash was missing." Also, he said someone had used his debit card at a gas station in Mableton around 11:15 a.m. He said he felt the woman set him up and that her boyfriend had taken his stuff.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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