The Blotter April 10 2010

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]MRS. CLAWS: An officer responded to a fight call at Emory Hospital's emergency room. A 37-year-old man said he and his wife started arguing while he was driving on I-20. He said his wife put her hand in his face, obscuring his vision, and she kept pushing his head while he was driving. The man said he repeatedly told his wife to stop and calm down, but she wouldn't listen, so he pulled over in the emergency lane on I-20. The man said he tried to convince his wife to get out of the car, but she refused, so he got back onto I-20 and kept going.

The man said he drove to a place on Peachtree Street for his doctor's appointment – that's when his wife called 911.

The wife's side of the story: She said they argued on I-20 and her husband pulled into the emergency lane, grabbed her jacket and tried to get out of the car. She said she grabbed her husband's hand and that's when her fingernails scratched him. She said they eventually got to Emory Hospital, where she called 911 and said her husband attacked her in the parking lot.

After speaking with the couple, the officer noted that the wife "seemed to be the primary aggressor based on physical evidence."

The married couple was charged with disturbing the peace. The wife went to jail and the husband got a ticket. The couple hails from Lithia Springs.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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