The Blotter July 24 2009

[image-1]CRANKY MOMMA: A police officer responded to a call about a dispute on Pineview Terrace. “This was the fifth time since [2:30 p.m.] I had responded to this address regarding this caller and the ninth time since 10 a.m. the suspect had called 911,” the officer noted.

The caller said she wanted her son to leave her house. “The son, who lives at the residence, advised me he has lived there for 30 years,” the officer noted. The son provided valid ID showing his address. His mother said she was tired of the son living there. The officer explained the proper steps to evict someone: Go to the Fulton County Courthouse and start the process. The mother said she was going tomorrow. “I advised her that there was no criminal activity and that she needed to stop calling 911,” the officer noted. The mother said she was drinking Seagram’s gin all day and “I’m 77 years old, I drink it cause I paid for it.” She kept abusing 911, the officer noted. So the officer charged the 77-year-old mother with disorderly conduct under the influence and took her to jail.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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