The Blotter December 05 2009

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]'TIS THE SEASON: An officer got a call about a man allegedly damaging trees at Atlantic Station. "When I arrived, [the man] had in his possession, Christmas lights from the trees," the officer wrote. "He admitted removing the lights, but could not explain why. He damaged the trees while doing so." The man, 47, was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

HOLIDAY CHEER: A 33-year-old man called police to report an argument he had with a City of Atlanta Public Works employee. An officer arrived to take the report. The man said he was riding his bike home when he noticed four Public Works employees standing outside their cars. The man said the employees were just standing around and not working "hard enough" so he took out his video camera and started to record them "not working on city time," the officer wrote. The man said while he recorded the employees standing around their cars, he was taunted to "turn off that camera, you white cracker." The man said one employee threatened to hit him over the head with a camera if he didn't turn off his camera. The man said more words were exchanged and the employees left in their cars. The officer wrote, "I asked [the man] why did he feel the need to record the city workers and he stated that he just got his tax bill and felt that his tax money was being wasted." Nothing further.

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(Photo Illustration by Tray Butler)

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