The Blotter December 12 2009

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]BARBIE DID IT! A 44-year-old man walked into the Zone 5 precinct and said he hired a moving company to move his stuff to his new apartment on Piedmont Road. He said after the movers left, he noticed that three bins filled with pennies were missing (about $300 worth). The man called back later and added that his 10-inch collectable Farrah Fawcett doll was missing, too.

THANKS FOR NOTHING: A 31-year-old man said his mother came to his Atlanta home to give him a ride to Woodstock for the Thanksgiving holiday. "The two have not spoken in over six months, and they did not make it out of the neighborhood before they began to argue, and decided to cancel the visit," an officer wrote. The 52-year-old mother said her son would not let her get her clothes out of the car trunk. "When she tried to leave, he grabbed the keys out of the ignition to open the trunk to get his belongings," the officer wrote. The son said his mother choked him from behind to stop him from taking back his clothes. The mother said she wanted back an artificial Christmas tree that she had loaned her son. "She said she asked him to get the tree before taking back his clothes," the officer wrote. The mother denied trying to choke her son, adding that she only tried to get the car keys.

"There was not sufficient physical evidence nor unbiased testimony to arrest either party at the time," the officer wrote. "[The mother] left the location after speaking to me, heading back to her home in Woodstock."

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(Illustration Tray Butler)

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