The Blotter February 13 2010

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

[image-1]COVER WARS: After midnight, police dealt with a couple in their 20s who live together on Dorsey Street. The woman, 24, said they were in bed when her boyfriend took the blanket from her. She said they argued and her boyfriend grabbed her arm, causing a scratch, and pushed her to the floor. She said she hit her boyfriend's head only after he pushed her to the floor.

The boyfriend's side: He said his girlfriend struck his head with her fist and scratched his neck with her fingernails. He said he pushed her to the floor to prevent her from attacking him any more.

They both had scratches, the officer noted. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend went to jail on battery charges. (The Blotter Diva recommends: Get two blankets, avoid jail.)

HEY, THAT PART STILL WORKS: Around midnight, an officer went to a home on West Lake Avenue to get information on a possible missing person. A wife said her husband left home about two hours ago because of a dispute over sex. The officer wrote, "She said she is recovering from a mild heart attack and doctors told her to relax and take it easy and her husband was upset because of her decision of not having sex with him tonight." Apparently, the 74-year-old husband got into his Ford F-150 and drove away. The wife, 69, said her husband has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. She said he can go to the store and find his way around, but it was unlike him to leave at such a late hour and not return home.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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