Don't Panic!: Is Obama cutting the military's budget?

Is Obama cutting the military’s budget?

As a rule, I try never to impute bad motives on political figures whose political positions I don’t necessarily agree with. Honest people can disagree.

Image For example, when top Republicans like Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin speak-out in opposition in the construction of Muslim community center and mosque two-blocks from the World Trade Center site in Manhattan, I don’t automatically assume that they’re craven bigots pandering to the Republican Party’s proudly Islamophobic southern base. That would be presumptuous of me.

Instead, I just assume Palin and Gingrich are nice, well-meaning people who just happen to have never read the U.S. Constitution and who are ignorant of New York’s proud diversity because they seldom (if ever) see the parts of NYC that aren’t visible during their short walks from the front door of Fox News’s Sixth Avenue studio to their limos.

I also assume Palin and Gingrich are just as strongly opposed to the construction of new mainstream Christian church facilities in cities where violent extremist Christians have committed atrocities. I bet they’d say “No new churches in Oklahoma City because Timothy McVeigh was a Christian” if you asked them. Too bad the biased liberal media never asks.

My willingness to give politicians the benefit of the doubt about their motives, however, vanishes when obvious, undeniable facts are ignored.

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