View from the Couch: The Counterfeiters and more May 25 2012

Check out this week's View from the Couch DVD-review column by Matt Brunson of Charlotte's Creative Loafing. This week Matt takes a look at The Counterfeiters, Doomsday, The Inglorious Bastards and Vampyr (which I unfairly chastised Matt last week for not having reviewed).

We're grateful that Matt got around to Vampyr; he likey!

There are images here that are staggering in their artistry: the shadow of a one-legged servant separating from its owner and taking off on its own; a ferryman wielding a scythe next to a fog-encrusted lake; the ultimate fate of the doctor, undone by (spirit-assisted) machinery even more imposing than the wheels and cogs encountered by Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times; and, most famously, the POV shots that find a prematurely boxed Gray witnessing the activities occurring just above the glass window on his coffin.