Weekend Arts Agenda: ‘Hidden Away’ August 30 2013

It’s D-day for festivals: both the Decatur Book Festival and Dragon*Con are taking over


  • Photo: Jamie Hopper/Design: Aubrey Longley-Cook. Courtesy Lucky Penny.

So you know how the Decatur Book Festival is going on? Saturday is a particularly keen day for festival-ites, especially if you point your eyes and feet toward the Library stage, which will play host to a variety of panels (“Hauntings and Healings” and “Women On the Verge of a Breakdown/Breakthrough”) and performances throughout the day. Most oooh-worthy is Hidden Away: The Library at Night, created by Nicole Livieratos and Phillip DePoy, which is playing Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and is “designed to enchant children and adults alike.”

Also! The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center will be out for the DBF in force, bringing together artists for a temporary exhibition called WORD!, featuring “obsessive handwriting in a spiral, phrases on a coffee cup, instructions stitched on a badge, greetings printed on wearable buttons, dates rendered on a paper mache mask, descriptions of photographs not taken” and a lot else in the ACAC’s 20x20 booth.

Two more Things To See, after the jump.

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  • Courtesy Callandwolde
  • Ronald Nuse, “Painted Birds and Shadows”

In Ronald Nuse’s Nature: Four Ways, closing this weekend at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, nature is recontextualized from a variety of photographic perspectives - four, to be exact, as the works draw from Nuse’s previous exhibits: Falling Shadows, Street Art, Bamboo Pentaptych, and Four Directions, which together incorporate urban art, surrealism, and (yes) bamboo. Admission is free.



You definitely haven’t forgotten Dragon*Con, right? Did you remember there’s an art show running all four days as well? (I did not.) Sunday includes a silent auction at 6 p.m.; this year’s show is directed by John and Anne Parise. Meanwhile, the Comics & Pop Artist Alley is right next door and includes returning faces such as Neal Adams and Joe Benitez.