Time and Place: Yoga in the park

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  • Jason Travis??
  • 7:34 p.m., July 28, 2015, Hsitoric Fourth Ward Skatepark?

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? I'd heard about King of Pops yoga in Historic Fourth Ward park for a while now and have always wanted to check it out. Plus, free popsicles!?

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? A huge, diverse crowd swarmed to the park with yoga mats and water bottles in tow. It was hot and humid but that didn't seem to spoil anyone's positive vibes. I shuffled all over the area trying to find the most interesting angle. I attempted different shots, even climbing up to the top of the overpass to look down at the mass of yogis. But that angle was too expansive. I needed to be on their level. Nearly 400 people were shifting in unison.
? Thirty minutes into the yoga sequence, everyone all assumed chair pose. The repetition of hands, bent knees, and colorful yoga mats was entrancing. I was greeted by glances and smiles, but tried not to disrupt anyone's groove. The shot was inspiring for me. It says "get out there and feel the burn, all these healthy hearts did!"
? I've never seen such a large group of people practicing yoga in one place, and right on the Earth's floor! It was really something special to behold.?


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