Time and Place: Tour de EAV

I'm the kind of person who loves it when streets are used for anything besides cars, be it festivals or block parties or soapbox derbies. So when there's the opportunity to turn a popular congested section of East Atlanta Village into a bicycle racetrack, count me in.
?This photo was taken on the corner of Glenwood and Flat Shoals avenues during the final race of the day of the East Atlanta Twilight Criterium, an unorthodox community bicycle race that transforms a handful of neighborhood streets into a high-speed race track. Ten races took place over the course of an entire day.
? This photo was taken during the final race, the Men's Pro. During this race around 50 cyclists travel neck-and-neck at speeds approaching 30 mph for 75 minutes, all while navigating manholes, potholes, curbs, sharp turns, and beer-soaked onlookers. When the riders pass you they are going so fast that your eyes can not focus on them.
? I could not have seen this image with my eyes and have to thank my camera for allowing me to somewhat freeze one of the athletes as the world flies by him.   

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