11 Least Influential Countdown: No. 8 - Alex Goose


Welcome to CL’s annual catalog of impotence: the 11 Least Influential. You’ll meet folks who tried to achieve an ambitious goal, but fell short (or, in Goose's case, more than made up for the difference); people who’ve devoted themselves to a personal mission in near-total obscurity; and ordinary Joes who can’t get anyone to pay attention to them. Every day until the full issue hits the streets on Nov. 11, we’ll bring you a new story of failure — some noble and heroic, others abject and pathetic.

Subject: Alex Goose

Failing: Can’t get any play from Jay-Z

Atlanta-based music producer Alex Goose has big dreams, and bigger gonads.

After being contacted this summer by a New York-based A&R rep working closely with Jay-Z, the burgeoning producer jumped at the chance to submit beats for the legendary MC's album-in-the-making, The Blueprint 3.

He says the A&R rep was so impressed with his work for such Atlanta-based artists as Brittany Bosco and Danny! that he came to Atlanta to hear what the Goose was cooking. "He was telling me, 'I’d love to get some of these [beats] to Jay, for sure,'" recalls Goose, who estimates he submitted 20 to 25 tracks for consideration. "A few months later he hit me up and was like, 'Hey, I got word back from Jay that he didn’t really hear anything that he wanted to use for the album.'"

With such name-brand producers as Kanye West, Timbaland, the Neptunes and No I.D. getting first dibs at the highly-anticipated release, a virtual unknown just didn't have the pull to earn himself a placement.

"You know it kinda sucks," he says. "Jay would say, ‘It’s politics as usual.’"

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