24:' Episode 14, 9-10 p.m.

Last week, Jack and Bill thwarted Juma's presidential assassination attempt at the expense of Bill's life. Bill was one of CTU's last remaining vestiges, not to mention a salt-and-pepper sexpot of older man-ness. Bill's final words sent Jack to former Bauer tourturee Ryan Burnett's hospital room to intimidate some information out of him, where he was was promptly murdered by a third party, leaving Jack conveniently framed for the killing. Jack gave lead FBI schmuck Larry Moss a call to let him know he didn't do it, but of course, Larry doesn't buy it. So it goes with schmucks.

This week opened with Jack on the run. He hot-wires a car, commandeers the owner's laptop, and hacks into the hospital's security system to identify the attacker. Hey — he's Jack Bauer. It's what he does. Renee, who Moss has suspended for colluding with "wild card" JB, gets a call from you know who to ID the killer. Renee pauses dramatically before agreeing to do so and sends Jack the encrypted file. Larry returns as the transfer is completing, pats Renee on the head and sends her home. Larry barks to Janis that he suspects Renee, and pulls the old "tap into her system, find who she's talked to in the last hour," etc.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chloe O'Brian (Morris) is waiting in the conference room to find out about his wife, who's been in holding the past couple of hours/episodes; Olivia's at the President's right hand in the Oval office when Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin comes in to fill in Madame P. about Burnett's death; and Jack's on his way to Sen. Mayer's house to follow a lead about hospital assassin John Quinn's relationship to Starkwood, a defense contractor the senator's been investigating for the past six months.