The Televangelist: 'Friday Night Lights' episode 11

Last week, I took stock of where this season of "Friday Night Lights" has taken us so far, and where it's headed. Just as I theorized the End is Nigh, it turns out that it very much isn't. Yes Panther fans, our beloved show has been renewed (or, is just about to be) for two more seasons, each of which will be aired first on DirecTV before moving over to NBC, a la the current season.

This is a good thing, right?  Your Televangelist is not convinced. The show will need to find fresh life and new direction (which it started building this week, with the potential of new cross-town rivals, but more on that later. Will some of our current Panthers get bused over?). Many of our favorite Dillon denizens are hitting the road (Smash, Street), with more to follow (according to reports, Lyla and Tyra will leave after similar multi-episde send offs). Hey, they have to graduate sometime, right? Except how often is a show about high school successful when everyone we know in the high school, y'know, matriculates?

More promising would be a Mindy and Billy spin-off. Imagine the possibilities for specials! This week we already got a taste of "A Very Collette Wedding," complete with a classy tea party that included all of  Mindy's closest friends from the Landing Strip: Sugar, Charm, Kandy ... and of course Fashionette! What might the future hold? "A Very Riggins Christmas?"