24:' Episode 16, 11 p.m.-midnight

This week's episode opened with a downtrodden Jack perched on the side of the interstate next to a hijacked semi robbed of its very precious cargo. Jack curtailed the bio-weapon threat the previous hour by plugging a leak and exposing himself to the chemical only seconds before Starkwood swooped in and airlifted the WMDs straight out of the 18-wheeler.

CDC meds arrive on the scene this week in full-on body suits and command Jack to get undressed, which he does right there in the middle of the road. No one holds up a sheet or anything (I'm not complaining...), but our view was strategically obscured by some indefinable blur in the foreground. Foliage? The back of someone's head? Stray woodland creature? At any rate, we finally know that Jack's definitely a boxers guy.

Jack gets hosed down, tested and quarantined. Meanwhile, Hodges and his boys are trying to "convince" Tony to reveal what the FBI knows with the help of their fists and a chain-link fence. Hodges tries to play the Michelle card, telling Tony he's familiar with his file. (It's apparently crazy easy to get your hands on people's files. Who hasn't read everyone's file at this point?) Greg Seton interrupts to tell Hodges they should destroy "the evidence" i.e., the bio-weapons. Hodges disagrees strongly and leaves in a huff, barking to Tony, "Think about what I said young man!"