24:’ Episode 18, 1-2 a.m.

Whoa whoa whoa. Whoa.

This episode was almost too much to handle. In a good way. Explosions, subterfuge, family reunions ... almost all of my favorite parts of ‘24’ were in full effect last night. The midnight-1 a.m. hour ticked to a close last week as President Taylor frantically called off the air strike on Starkwood. Hodges revealed he’d armed 13 python missiles with the bio-weapon and already had three of them pointing at American cities, ready to launch should the government try to interfere with Starkwood. He forced the President into a face-to-face meeting where, this week, he promptly proceeds to try and blackmail her for “a seat at the table.” In short, he wants Starkwood to become the fifth branch of the military with input and influence on the country’s foreign and domestic strategies. Like any terrorist worth his salt, Hodges has typed up his whole plan and had it professionally bound and laminated. High marks for both presentation and lunacy.