Bobby's Reality Check: A night of priorities

Last night was a night of choices, of realizing priorities at this crucial stage of my life. After quickly ruling out "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (and a sneak peak of the upcoming New York season), I was left to decide between "Jersey Shore," the surprisingly good "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" and the debut of "Project Runway." Why do these networks have to torture us, filling up the rest of the week with re-runs of "Teen Mom" and stuffing all that is good into two hours on Thursday? While I've found myself newly obsessed with Heidi Fleiss's stretched skeletor face on "Celeb Rehab," it had just been too long since "Project Runway" was in New York, and I needed a Tim Gunn fix.

Pouring myself a glass of red wine Doing research for CL, I flipped over to the Lifetime for the debut of the seventh season. "Project Runway" had visibly suffered since moving to Lifetime, with a slew of stand-in guest judges for Michael Kors and Nina Gah-cee-uh, along with maternity-inspired and breast-cancer awareness challenges, but as the show opened up with the contestants entering Atlas, it felt like a well-needed homecoming. Like the halcyon days of Bravo again! What is a debut of "Project Runway" without Heidi (Klum) and Tim giving the new designers a champagne toast on the roof of the Atlas (though Heidi opted for sparkling cider since she's continually in a state of pregnancy). This was still Lifetime after all, so the show's intro, the workroom and even Tim's tie was bright pink.

It's always a struggle between who has actual designing talent and who is TV-ready on "Project Runway," and last night's stand-out personality Anthony Williams walks that fine line. Williams hails from Atlanta — you know, where we live! — and dreams of red carpet and pageant dresses, but any frequent PR watcher knows that pageant dresses are out. (Remember that overgrown leprechaun Kayne?) Anthony quipped, "It is hell being black, gay and in the ghet-to." We feel ya, Ant. On my third glass of wine Halfway through the show, while the other anorexic queens compared their low weights (don't you know, that's what alpha-males do to size up their competition in the jungle), Anthony just rolled his eyes. There's also Janeane who was in New York for the first time. Everything made her cry and she talked to herself in the confessional interviews. Thank god for Janeane who brought the alcoholic-like self-talking banter since I missed this week's "Intervention."