The Televangelist: 'Big Love' Season 4, episode 3

If anyone else was feeling this was a rather whirlwind episode, recall that this portends to be a whirlwind season.  With only a handful of episodes left to go, we still have a Pandora's Box of problems to solve. In the middle of the episode, Barb says to Sarah, "I feel like we're all being pulled in such different directions," and goes on to list the endeavors the other wives, and Bill, are all undertaking.  And they are indeed legion.  I have faith that these independent arcs will intersect at some point later in the season, but for now they make for confusing, yet engrossing, storytelling.

The title of this episode was the apt "Strange Bedfellows," and there were quite a few to contend with.  As such, I've devised a "Stranger Scale" using the strangest, wackiest member of the "Big Love" cast to compare: Lois, of course.  One Lois will be equal to illegal parrot collections.  Five Loises will be equal to attempting to suffocate and bury your ex-husband in your barn, failing, and then trying to seduce him.  Clear?  Let's start.

Bill and Washington

Bill as a non-polygamist in the situation would render zero Loises from me, but the polygamy angle promises to make this unholy marriage (or is it holy and ordained by Heavenly Father?) more interesting.  As Bill tells us, "Joseph Smith ran for President!" Only to be reminded, "Yeah, and one year later he was killed by an angry mob."