24:' Episode 5, 8-9 p.m.: Lady balls

You know how there are certain things that are cool for you to do, but when someone else does the exact same thing it's really goddamn annoying? Like, when I'm mentally unstable and torturing people to get information to save the country/world/humanity it's one thing, but when you do it, well, it's just plain wrong. Just because I tried to suffocate my brother with a plastic bag doesn't mean you can run around cutting off thumbs. I'm Jack Freakin' Bauer for crying out loud.

"24's" taken an intriguing turn the past two hours, making Renee the rogue, "I play by my own rules" federal agent and Jack the overprotective tight ass. (All of a sudden Jack cares about the rights of all people? What's next? Reading the New York Times and quoting Jimmy Carter?!) I'm kind of enjoying the role reversal and wonder if it'll lead to any personal revelations for the former CTU agent. Or maybe he'll just snap out of it and jump back on the blood wagon. People's lives are at stake!

The attempt on Hassan's life has left everyone on edge. Hassan in particular, who's basically formed a brute squad back home for the requisite name taking and ass kicking. Knowing that Hassan's round-up will eventually end in executions, President Taylor urges the Kamistani(?) president not to react so feverishly, to consider human rights. Hassan replies that strong-fisted displays of power such as mass executions that pay no heed to the rule of law are the only thing his people understand. Well, at least this show doesn't stereotype.