Bobby's Reality Check: I wish I could quit you Celeb Rehab

"I wish I could quit you," Jake Gyllenhaal's character famously said in Brokeback Mountain. After this week, I think I finally understand what Jakey meant about addiction. See, breaking the cycle of guidos and guidettes is hard, especially after remembering the fun times. That newly unoccupied time makes you want to grab the remote and use. But the healthy thing to do is transfer addictions. Kick your cig habit, and pick up over-eating. Or forget "Jersey Shore" like a bad dream, and tune into "Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew." I learned a lot about addictions this week, mainly that they  stem from wire-frame glasses.

The week kicked off with "Intervention" the original feel good about your life at the expense of others with crippling drug addiction television. This week we met Robby who after soaring the highest of highs of having a crappy one-hit-wonder single "What Would You Do," fell to the depths of alcoholism. Life imitates art. Robby was one-third of the Grammy-nominated, positive hip-hop group  City High who in retrospect the Black Eyed Peas were a total knock-off of (see: Evidence A.) Robby was spoiled by his stage mom and pressured by his Huxtables-like family for success, though he seemed to never mentally develop past puberty. Robby had a baby at home, crying all alone on the bathroom floor cause he's hungry. What would you do, Robby? Ultimately Robby accepted treatment, though "Intervention" didn't bother to catch up with him at the rehab clinic--I hate when they do that! If I know "Intervention," and I think I do, Robby's probably relapsing in a dark bar at 2 in the afternoon.