24:' Episode 6, 9-10 p.m.: Drinks on us!

If this week's episode of "24" was a cocktail, it'd be the rum and ginger beer concoction Dark and Stormy in honor of Renee, who could REALLY use that drink right about now. And put in an order for Josef and Oleg, too, because, well, damn. And just for fun, grab a couple for Chloe, so we can drunk dial Jack later.

Last night's episode was that rare hour of "24" that depends mostly on emotional tension rather than high-velocity shoot-em-up drama. There was no shortage of deaths last night — six in total, if I'm counting right — but it was nearly as disturbing to watch Renee crawl into bed with Vlad as any of the murders. After convincing Vlad not to throw her in the river along with Ziya, Renee returns to his warehouse fortress to lay down the details of the deal: Vlad gets 30 percent of the profits, which will be big enough to warrant the $5 million "good faith" payment he demands from the buyer, Meier (aka Jack).

Convincing a small-time Russian arms dealer to buy nukes turns out to be the easy part. The hard part? Keeping his dirty paws off you. Ignoring all rules governing personal space, Vlad and his clammy, vodka slurping face hover within centimeters of Renee nose. "Nukes? Yes, yes, I buy them. By the way so sorry about that rape thing last time we saw each other. I don't know what I was thinking! Now, how about a drink and a roll in the hay? For old time sake!" What's that old saying about Russia and love, again? Oh, my bad. There isn't one.