Bobby's Reality Check: Reunited Teen Mom and it feels so good

and it feels so good

It's a rare thing that a reunion episode, the ultimate time-stretch TV networks use to drain the life of a show, is as good the series. It's even rarer that the reunion episode is actually  better than the show, but such is the case of "Teen Mom," the realest show on television. This week burgeoning media mogul Dr. Drew staged a "check-up" reunion for the four teen moms and their respected partners: from the dreamy Tyler to the redneck Ryan to the abused Gravy and finally to the oppressive Debra.

Beginning last week, my sympathy for Farrah has doubledno tripledin the reunion episode. It's becoming clear to her that an 18-year-old baby-mama just isn't in hot demand these days with the men folk, and she's stuck with Deb for the rest of baby Sophia's days. Tearing up that she believes no one is out there for her is a sad feeling for any teenager. Why, Dr. Drew, why do you have to make poor Farrah cry! (But I'm glad you did).

Then Dr. Drew took a turn for the worse. I'm no medical expert, not like the genius of Dr. Drew or anything, but I think anyone with a TV can see that Ryan, the father of Maci's car Bentley, is a raging asshole. RAGING, to the point where Bentley Cadence is better with no father figure than with him. But Dearest Drew kept pestering Maci about how fatherhood is different than motherhood, how she has to explain every detail and expectation to Ryan if their relationship will work, and that they should both go to counseling to get back together. Drew--yourPhD should be revoked for such nonsense! Get out of here!

Farrah, Maci and crazed Amber are actually a lot like me, a young, single man, because we are all jealous of Caitlyn's man-candy. Everyone wants Tyler, but only Caitlyn can have his 12-year-old, pale body. Maci, her head still spinning from Dr. Drew's psychobabble, pointed out that at least she now knows that guys like Tyler exist. And I finally realize that Amber is made for motherhood. She constantly bickered and put down Gravy, telling the world his insecurities--just like a wife! I see a long marriage for them. We caught up with Dr. Drew later in the week, but we'll save Skeletor Fleiss's sex-drive for later.