True Blood' season 2, episode 6

Y'all nasty! I mean that was some serious freaky-deaky last night. Blood on the bed, blood on the rocks, sex everywhere, and pig, pig, more pig. I'm still a bit shaken, but let's do this.

Eric, Bill and Sookie remain in Dallas at Hotel Carmilla. While Bill and Sookie spoon upstairs, Eric kicks back at the hotel bar with a lady of the evening, so to speak. Within moments, the vampiress we glimpsed at the end of last week's episode saunters in. Her name's Lorena and she's Bill's maker. The pair goes way back, as vampires do, and we see Lorena and Bill together at a house party in Chicago, 1926. The two are posing as moneyed French globetrotters. While Bill hammers out a tune on the piano, Lorena charms their hosts. When the man of the house chortles "Fuck Prohibition!" Lorena not so subtly suggests that the four of them "'Fuck Prohibition' together" later.

Cut to later, and Bill and Lorena are terrorizing the open-minded couple. Lorena feeds on the man as Bill drags in the female companion. Lorena forces her victim to watch as Bill rips into the woman's throat, drenching the bed in her blood and fleshy bits. Before long, the two quickly get to some of that nasty freaky-deaky I mentioned earlier in said bed.