Bored to Death,' Episode 3

It's just not a good idea to go home to make out with a teenager. Even if she's really impressed with the fact that you sort of know Jim Jarmusch. Even if you've had too much white wine. Jonathan Ames found this out the hard way on this week's Bored to Death.  He didn't really know she was a teenager until they were already home (her dad's house), and she asked him to prom.

"Wait," he said. "NYU has a prom?" Does anyone really need the answer to that? The answer is no.

That's around when she started taking off her clothes and her dad ("The Carl Jung of Brooklyn") burst in to chase Jonathan out the bathroom window. It would have been a successful escape, but he lost his copy of Jim Jarmusch's latest script behind the psychoanalyst dad's couch. Even worse, his name is laser printed on every page.

So goes another week in the life of Jonathan Ames, failed novelist and unlicensed solver of soft-boiled crimes. Jonathan's editor, George, is turning into a sage of sorts, guiding Jonathan away from his literary pursuits and towards screenwriting, women, white wine, and more women. "But is it even meaningful?" Jonthan worries.