The Televangelist: Lost is found again

A recap of last night's recap and thoughts on the new season.

Hey Losties, Freighties, Tailies and Dharma groupies — Lost is back!  Last night's episode was just a series recap, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Let's begin by being thankful we can finally kick the methadone of Fringe and get down and dirty with the real thing in Lost.  I was a latecomer to the show, catching a rogue episode ("The Constant") that made me fly through the first three seasons in time to catch up for the season four finale. Even though I feel like it was only yesterday that I watched Ben crank that Frozen Donkey Wheel, tonight's Pop Up Video-style recap reminded me of a few more arcane plot points, such as Farady's treacheries, Keamy-the-undead, and several references to Richard's ageless eyeliner visage. Other captions weren't so helpful, such as this gem:

Jin (to Sun): "I told you I'd get you off the island."

Caption: Jin told Sun he would get her off the island.