The Televangelist: 'Lost' episode 3

As far as big reveals go, there were quite a few.

For those of you who missed last week's episode, this was the best part. Speaking of, there was a definite lack of the Oceanic Six this week, and I can't say I minded. Instead, we were treated to happenings on the island, plus an update on everyone's favorite time-traveling sailor, Desmond.

As far as big reveals go, there were quite a few.   One, we learn (as most of us suspected) that the angry, volatile, rude British lad from last week was indeed a young Charles Widmore. His connection to the island remains a tantalizing series of questions (How did he get there? What's his beef with Ben?), but in "Lost" terms it was pretty fast disclosure.  I think Curt Holman pointed out in a blog comment last week that Charles Widmore has, until now, remained a pretty standard villain — I'm hoping that as more as his past is uncovered that'll change.

As a foil to Widmore's cental casting characterization, we should all hail fearless leader Faraday! Faraday remains one of the best and most entrancing parts of "Lost" these days. For one, nothing about his past has ever fallen the way of "Does Sun's baby belong to Jin?" or "How Jack got his tattoos."  Instead, Faraday's past is inextricably linked to the island in a way that only he and his husky, sexy whisper-voice can understand fully at this point. Later, in the Annals of Romance, Faraday finally tells Charlotte indirectly that he loves her, and it seems she's warming up to that skinny tie and the physicist who wears it ... until she passes out possibly dies from Time Travel Sickness, that is.