The Televangelist: 'The Bachelor' season finale

Times Jason all-out cried? Four. Times the word "like" was used as a modifier? 78,453.

Twists! Turns! Shocks! Drama! Until this season, "The Bachelor" train had blissfully passed me by without note.  Sure I knew one or two girls who'd been on the show in the past, but not well enough to really care deeply about how it turned out. On a whim I flipped to the show a few months ago and — unfortunately for my pretentious television taste — never looked back.  The show's high drama is addicting, and like the early rounds of "American Idol," (another show I avoid) is full of crazies for the first few episodes. But what made this season of "The Bachelor" stand out was the Bachelor himself. Seattle resident Jason Mesnick may not be the most handsome or amazing guy in the world, but he's divorced with a young son to whom he's devoted, which gives the show a new and very genuine twist. The gimmick worked for ABC: The show's drawn unexpectedly high ratings. As families in America become more complex, perhaps Mesnick's situation resonated with viewers in a way that past boy-meets-girl romance shows have not.