The Televangelist: 'Lost' episode 8

"The record is spinning again, we're just not on the song we want."

What if the Dharma years of the "Lost" had its own spin-off? The U.S. version of "Life on Mars" may not have worked out, but the ’70s were so far out man why not try again, can you dig? This week's episode felt so out of time and so far removed from where we've been the past few weeks (with the Last Days of Bentham and the O6 Reunion Tour), it was nice that the episode was still peppered with familiar tidbits from the future past: the sonic fence, Horace, Richard, Dharma Merlot.

Three years forward and 30 years back, the island has stopped skipping and those on it find themselves in the land of Dharma. As Faraday explains, "The record is spinning again, we're just not on the song we want." The Misfits (Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, the Ghost Whisperer Miles, Faraday) immediately cause trouble by offing two Hostiles in the midst of an afternoon picnic that ends up as a mini-massacre. Though James "I used to lie for a living" Sawyer/LaFleur schmoozes his way into Dharma's good graces (and also Horace's ... remember him?), Richard comes back to ask about his lost men, assuming Horace and company have broken the truce. Sawyer, using his time-traveling knowledge of Locke and the Jughead, convinces Richard that he's not his enemy ... but also not his friend. One would think Richard would be a little more interested in these revelations, but as far as we know, all he wants is slain Dharma employee Paul's body to do who knows what with. OK then.