The Televangelist: 'Friday Night Lights' episode 8

Everyone else is leaving Dillon, so why not us? Street and Riggins head for the Big Apple.

Everyone else is leaving Dillon, so why not us? Street and Riggins headed for the Big Apple so Street can pursue his dreams. The trip came fully equipped with a fish-out-of-water sequence that had some surprising laughs. Of course, The City is not what MTV has trained the boys to expect (What did they expect? How old is Street now, 19?  And he doesn't even have a college degree?). Plus, Jason's sudden desire to become a sports agent was quickly snuffed out.

As the agent points out, this isn't Dillon, where knowing the boosters is enough to get you a job. But it's a small world after all, and Jason's former Panthers teammate-gone-pro ends up being the wedge that opens the door for him after Jason pulls his sweet, terribly sincere, linguistic magic on him. Even though "the applicants for the entry level positions are all Harvard alum," Jason Street is special. He does have a gift, and since the first episode of "Friday Night Lights" we've watched him struggle to find himself and his new identity beyond Jason-Street-high-school-star, and it looks like he's finally succeeded.

Of course, the Riggins-Street bromance is tested as Tim contemplates the reality of Street's east coast move. With Riggins' pain comes much comedy gold, until the heartstring-tugging last scene. But as Riggins himself says, "OK ... drop the violin." There was plenty of other Dillon action this week, however, that actually took place in Dillon.