The Televangelist: 'Lost' Season 6, Episode 4

Considering last night's episode "The Substitute," in verse.

; :-DON'T TELL ME: That I'm dead

Considering last night's episode "The Substitute," in verse:

Sawyer thought John Locke was dead

"I am," Smokey said,

Though drunk Sawyer knew

It was somehow askew.

In the alternate 'verse

Locke's life seems worse.

Except Helen is his lass

and Ben Linus teaches class

There's a child in the woods

Who is not understood

Is it Jacob, but young?

Or Aaron, far flung?

Jacob protects the isle

and has chosen candidates while

manipulating all of their lives;

Choosing who lives and who dies.

Locke's alternate life does show

The different events if our heroes chose

their own lives without Jacob's plan

So far it seems better in hand.