Bobby's Reality Check: Having a Moment

Christian Siriano returns to TV just in time for "Project Runway" to suck, and the Ramona-coaster on "Real Housewives" is getting a little too-much to take

"I love it. I hate it. I'm over it. I love it." So goes the astute gay ramblings of skinny-fat icon Christian Siriano on his Bravo special "Christian Siriano: Having a Moment." I could relate to Christian's wise words throughout all of this week's reality offerings. Much like going to marriage counseling for a dying relationship that both parties are fighting so hard for yet no one seems to remember why, I continued by plunge into the mindless abyss of reality programming--and for what? But like Christian, this Ramona-coaster had a lot of moments.

I love Christian. I hate Christian. I'm over Christian. I love Christian. It took me a while to warm up to the precocious designer during the fourth season of "Project Runway," back when it was good, permanently in New York and on Bravo. But once Christian gets under your skin, he'll be there forever. Those season four days were the days when you could have heated arguments with coworkers as to whether Christian, Rami or Jillian were the best designer, and really mean it. Such a simpler time. I was on team Jillian at the time, but the young whippersnapper won, and the rest is history. Since winning the once-coveted prize, Christian has been the only designer doing anything with his win. Showing at Fashion Week, doing a diffusion line with Payless Shoes. What the hell are you doing, Jeffrey Sebelia. Still wasting away in Houston, Chloe Dao? And poor Jay McCarroll, you're hanging with Bobby Brown on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club."