Bobby's Reality Check: '39 and Pregnant'

She just like those skinny "16 and Pregnant" girls!

On the "Life After Labor" reunion show for the indelible "16 and Pregnant," Guru Drew asked how many of the young mothers had an absent father. Nearly all the girls raised their hands, and Drew quickly informed that growing up without a father is a "high risk factor for teen pregnancy." I think it's also be a high risk for appearing on reality TV. Both Bethenny and Ramona have described their complete lack of a father figure on "The Real Housewives of New York"--could there be a connection? Only Dr. Drew knows. Bethenny announced to the world that she's with child, and a shot-gun wedding will shortly follow. All I know is "39 and Pregnant" just doesn't have the same ring.

Poor Kailyn from "16 and Pregnant" had her life all backwards. Her floozy mother, "in-between houses" and living at a hotel temporarily, was too busy with her new boyfriend to help her pregnant daughter prepare for a baby or look at the nearby community college. She had no contact with her father (yet!). And her boyfriend Jo, whom she moved in with, was starting to feel really trapped and taking it out on Kail. Her mother-in-law was surprisingly her biggest supporter, letting Kailyn live with them and acting as a shoulder to cry on when Jo would not talk to her. Mothers-in-law are never this nice, but Kailyn lucked out and deserved it. But what of her dad? Kailyn dreamed of meeting her estranged father somewhere in the magical world of Texas, where fairies would fly and daughters could have unprotected sex and not get pregnant. Her dad's sister contacted Kailyn on Facebook, determined for the family to reunite, and before you know it, she's on a plane to Tejas.