Bobby's Reality Check: Making Turtle Time into lemonade

Kelly on Real Housewives of New York teaches us all about turning lemons into genius

Sometimes turning lemons into lemonade comes too naturally, but we must fight it. It's practically one of the seven deadly sins, like slothfully watching TV and lusting over the extravagance of "Real Housewives." When a friend makes a dumb off-hand remark and you keep bringing it up for your own pleasurestop making lemonade out of lemons! When you start to date someone and they say one comment that doesn't sit well with you, and now your questioning the whole relationshipjust stop it! And when Jill Zarin is the most evil person on earth and destroys your life and you want to vent about her, just stop making lemonade out of lemons, says Kelly Bensimon.

Sometimes sayings aren't as good or sensible as they could be. Sometimes Kelly Bensimon can renew them, make them better. And sometimes you just got to make a little lemonade.

It's Ramonie's big renewal Bachelorette party abroad the Party Time Boat on the "Real Housewives of Renewal New York." Since Ramona is having the traditional 17-year marriage renewal, a respected custom among the Crazy Eyes, it only made sense to invite her very best girlfriends all-aboard a beautiful yacht in St. Johns. Her best girlfriends were unfortunately busy, so instead the rest of the housewives sans Jill Zarin and soon-to-be-Grammy-nominated singer Luann came along for the ride. It was as if they were floating on a sea of Pinot Grigio.