Mad Men" Season 4 Episode 4"

Episode 4


  • Michael Yarish/AMC
  • Don't look at me like I'm friggin' Frankenstein! Come here and give your father a hug!

Welcome, one and all, to the grand return of Pete Campbell, resplendent in all his villainous glory. Watch! As he whines to Sterling about being left out of the Lucky Strike call! Watch! As he sneers over Crane’s “friend” Kenny Cosgrove (“Why are you always looking for a job?”)! Watch! As he twists the arm of his exuberant father-in-law in order to one-up Freddie and win the love of his SCDP overlords!

Thank the Mads. After last week’s time-wasting West coast retread—call it the last stand of Honest Don (and does anyone really care about Honest Don?)—and the tumult of the holidays, we were due a proper business-as-usual episode. This one delivered—with plenty of inter- and intra-office politics, dramatic staffer gossip (Trudy’s pregnant! Don’s secretary walks out!), and even a good old-fashioned focus group—while managing to sneak in a great trip down the rabbit hole of 1965 counterculture, where our Peggy kept her cool without selling herself short.