Mad Men" Season 4 Episode 5"

Episode 5


  • This is not going to end well.

As a title, Mad Men has always been a bit misleading, or ironically suggestive, or however you want to put it—taking place, as it does, in a time when everyone represses their emotions and keeps a straight face no matter the audience—colleagues, clients, family, neighbors, lovers. As the seasons progress, everyone on the show becomes, if not more comfortable with their feelings, at least less guarded—a progression predicated on the characters’ changing times, of course, but also on the conventions of TV drama: Don can’t remain a handsome cipher and Betty his clueless, smiling trophy if we’re going to spend week after week after week getting to know them.

Knowing all of that, however, it’s still hard to reconcile this week’s episode, in which everyone on Mad Men gets really, really mad.