Mad Men" Season 4 Episode 8"

Episode 8


  • Michael Yarish/AMC
  • Chlorinated Don: the man your man could smell like.

This week, another unexpected first for Mad Men: voiceover narration. Even more unexpected: it works, for the most part anyway. Summer’s coming, and Drunken Don is launching a self-improvement project, starting with journaling (“I sound like a little girl”), swimming, and cutting back on the booze. Sitting in the locker room after some laps, though, he looks little better than he did after last week’s epic sick-up.

Also new and surprisingly effective: a moment of Don-cam, complete with slow-motion gazes and a Vertigo-style zoom following his first sip of liquor, pushing the Mountain Dew team to a more manageable distance. It’s a canny encapsulation of how the habit brings a sense of order to Don’s world, however slippery.