Real Housewives" Ep. 7: Are the Housewives bad for Atlanta?"

Sheree's participation in a local fundraiser probably harmed the charity, and the art of dance, more than it helped


Now in its third season, the question comes up again: Are the Housewives bad for Atlanta? Okay, so I'm bringing it up, but bad for what exactly? The six Housewives certainly help the local economy with their conspicuous consumption (but does it still count when the purchases are repossessed?). I'm not sure many people had a preconceived image of Atlanta before the show, so is it now shaded by six entitled women? With AMC's "The Walking Dead" showing zombies destroying Atlanta on Sunday, the same time our Housewives also slowly damage Atlanta, it's a lot for our poor lil' city to handle. But I think the fundraiser Sheree participated in last night's episode already cemented Atlanta's demise. That's it: we're doomed.

Is Sheree good for Atlanta? Is Sheree good for humanity? As has been well documented on the show, Sheree kept "putting her desires on the back burner." It was never about Sheree and she's always thinking of others, poor lady. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a hot fudge Sundae or a big blockbuster movie—not matinee but nighttime showing with popcorn and candy—so instead, Sheree bought herself a new Aston Martin. Good for her! Though it has since been repossessed, Sheree is now in a "happy" place. But what about her children? I'd doubt they are in such a happy place. One is as young as 10 but is never seen with her mom. It's amazing Sheree's 20-something daughter is as normal as she is.

Sheree participated in a “Dancing Stars of Atlanta” fundraiser for the Georgia Alzheimer’s Association, and if anyone knows rhythm and dancing, it's Sheree "White Girl" Whitfield. As Kim put it, Sheree's never danced on a stage, a pole or anything. How does this woman live? Sheree was so convinced she looked hot and sexy on the stage, but the only hot one was her Southern dance partner Derrick. All the gays want him to be on the team, but God just didn't intend it that way. Other celebrities at the fundraiser included a redneck football player and some other people I had never heard of. That's it, the Alzheimer Association is bad for Atlanta.