The Walking Dead" Episode 5"

There's a whole lotta braining going on.


  • AMC
  • I think Dixon may have just found his dream date!

This week Walking Dead slows it down even more to wrestle with some big decisions—most notably where to draw the line between human and zombie, a thorny philosophical question that has a number of highly visceral consequences for our intrepid campers. The other question, of course, is where to go now that Camp Deathtrap has been massacred by zombie thru-hikers: back into Atlanta, where the CDC may still be in operation? Or halfway across the state to Fort Benning, the most likely spot for a government-organized operation?

Despite a lot of braining action early on (for you kids out there, I’m using “braining” in the classic sense, that is, to extract someone’s gray matter from the skull by force, in this case by pickaxe), this time out the zombie mayhem is kept to a minimum—strangely, even Atlanta only produces a single geek to menace our noisy caravan of heroes. It’s to the show’s credit that the squabble between white-hat Officer Rick (Team CDC) and black-hat Officer Shane (Team Benning) kept the attention of a viewer like me, who’s more in it for the zombie thrills than anything else. (Though I must say I probably wouldn’t have been so happy to sit through without the spectacular braining of Dead Ed by his long-suffering wife. Dig those skull-caving special effects!)