The Walking Dead" Episode 6"

The Walking Dead's first season shuffles to an end with a CGI bang and not a whole lot else.


  • AMC
  • He hates these computers! Stay away from the computers!

The Walking Dead’s first season, short as it was, still had time to build to an explosive finale, what with a number of simmering conflicts and nagging mysteries to pull out into the open—the Shane-Rick-Lori love triangle, the missing elder Dixon, the nature of the zombie apocalypse, and the best plan for survival—alongside the possibility of a monumental showdown with the geek horde. Instead, the episode found our heroes holed up in the safety of a well-supplied underground science station to mull over the question of hope, with little in the way of forward momentum, revelation, or zombie action. It wasn’t a bad episode at all—just not a great finale.

It seemed like everywhere the show tried to top itself, its efforts were undermined by poor execution, especially in the show’s final minutes: the threat of mass immolation certainly raised the stakes, but the method—self-destructing government facility—is an eye-roller. Similarly, the massive explosion that destroys the Cobb Energy Center—I mean, the CDC—was one of the least convincing effects I’ve seen on TV. Maybe it looked better in HD (damn you, AT&T) but I seriously doubt it. I was so underwhelmed, I actually thought to myself, “Well it must go on an extra 15 minutes, right? Right?” Then the credits came up. Then I cried myself to sleep.