Real Housewives of Atlanta" Ep. 11: Single Black Female"

Cynthia makes Nene sign a friend contract that, upon stipulation, only the president can break

Image Some of what I'm about to tell you is based on solid fact, as documented by Bravo. Some, however, is what I imagine happening after I took pain killers for my broken hand (yes it's true, flowers are welcome at the CL offices). Here, my friends, is what happened to Nene Leakes in Single Black Female.

After his radio interview a few weeks ago that publicly aired out the couple's dirty laundry, Nene just couldn't take anymore of Gregg's lies. She had trusted him with her deepest secrets for years, and he flushed it away. "I don't need him," Nene thought aloud as she packed her Coach suitcases, "I'm moving out!" She had found a spacious condo with south-facing windows in Buckhead that had gone into foreclosure. It held for her the new freedom of post-Gregg life—she had to have it. The marble lobby and doorman made her feel established and safe, and the ceramic statuettes evoked the kind of class she always sought. But after decades of living with her husband and kids, she wasn't quite ready to live alone. So she put out an ad for a roommate:

Single Black Female seeks former New York model who has a thing for older men for two-bedroom cookie cutter condo.