The Killing' Day 4: Sounds of silence

Seattle has a mob?


  • James Dittiger/AMC
  • Does Bennet know more about Rosie's disappearance than he's letting on?

"I am just so ready to start living," chirps Rosie on camera the night of her disappearance. The sentiment is an all too obvious reminder that Rosie's life ended before it even began. Still, watching her say as much is an important moment — it's the first time in four "days" we get to see Rosie as a living breathing person. Until now, she's simply been a ghost, a lifeless form immortalized in a series of brutal crime scene photos.

A trend is fast developing in the series in that each episode wraps with what appears to be a telltale lead in the case: Last week a damning cell phone video pointed at Kris and Jasper. This week a photo and a series of letters seem to implicate hip, dreadlocked English teach Bennet. It's a device that feels a little thin — the leads are clearly red herrings at this point because it's too soon to reveal the killer.

But, let's discuss.