The Killing' Day 7: Between a mosque and a hard place

Is the show concerning itself more with political soapboxes than whodunnit?


  • AMC TV
  • Can you really trust a bedwetter who works for the mob?

Back in my day, you didn't just pull a guy from the last of his spinach dip and Ritz, drive him in homicidal silence through the the pouring rain to the end of an ominous pier and then proceed to deliver an emotional speech about the joys of fatherhood — specifically, the joy of daughters.

Whatever happened to holding a guy upside down outside a seventh-story window? Or shoving his face in a toilet bowl? Or at least tying him up and smacking him around a little bit? I appreciate the fact that Stan's a changed man, but damn! — it's called "The Killing". (Less this, and more this please!)

The show's working hard to build suspense but consistently under-delivering with many of the reveals: the leads are too transparent, obvious dead ends that don't seem to be getting us any closer to the killer. At this point, "The Killing" seems kind of to be going in circles — and not in a good way — concerning itself more with political soapboxes than whodunnit.